Company Secretarial Services

We offer a wide range of Company Secretarial Services that can be tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Advice and Assistance

a. Company/LLP/OPC formations
b. Name changes
c. Company dissolutions and strike offs

  • Outsourced Services

a. Management of Annual General Meetings / Board / Committee Meetings
b. Preparation, attending and minute taking for board or committee meetings
c. Preparation of Agenda papers, Notices and drafting of Minutes of the meetings
d. Routine and non-routine company secretarial services for private, public and other types of       companies
e. Maintenance of statutory registers
f. Filing of annual returns and accounts
g.Preparation and filing of forms relating to any changes in your company such as change of       director’s, registered address etc

  • Other Services

a. Change in registered Office
b. Secretarial Health Check ups
c. Extension of Annual General Meetings
d. XBRL Filings of Financial Statement
e. Secretarial Due Diligence
f. Preparation of Share Certificates, transfers, share splits etc.
g. Increase in Authorised Share Capital; Change of name; Change in object clause;
h. Registration of charges, search and status report
i. Issue of ESOP’s, Rights Issue, Private Placement as per Companies Act 2013
j. Alteration in Articles of Association by incorporating clauses as mentioned in joint venture agreement/shareholder agreement.

  • Secretarial Compliance Audits

We conduct secretarial compliance audit for and on behalf of the corporates. It helps strengthen the Corporate Governance in an organization. Secretarial Compliance audit assists the Audit  Committee   and the Board of Directors on understanding the status of the secretarial compliances, internal control systems, and its effectiveness in the proper  and transparent governance of the organization relating to secretarial matters.