MAGSAT Consultants

About The Firm

Magsat Consultants LLP (“Magsat or “we” or “us”) is an independent firm of Business Advisors and Chartered Accountants founded in New Delhi. We offer a wide range of services including Audit, Accounting, Tax and Regulatory, Business and Transaction Advisory and Corporate Law. Our firm comprises teams of professionals with a comprehensive range of backgrounds and expertise in different domains. We believe in delivering accurate, relevant and timely information to the decision makers using industry expertise. Our young firm is driven by our common goals, unwavering commitment to quality and our deep values. We work with our clients, our ‘Partners in Growth’ creating meaningful and lasting value around the world. We are committed to making a difference to our people and clients, our industry and communities and to building tomorrow, today.


Utmost expertise and excellence of the services we offer is part of our corporate DNA. We strive to succeed by exceeding client expectations of affordability, quality and time-bound delivery schedules. Our unique business model aims at delivering customized tailored solutions and services.


Upholding the highest level of professional standards and reputation for integrity, we platform a culture of transparency and responsibility. We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work.


To lead by example by combining industry expertise and experience to deliver critical information to leading decision makers.

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